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Customer Reviews of Go Out West Travel Guide


Dale and Estelle Moritz have done something truly rare – they have written a travel guide with a soul. There are any number of guidebooks in print or online that list practically every motel and attraction in the American Southwest, but incredibly few that really communicate the awe that this astonishing and unique landscape can inspire, and none that do so in such a personal and humble way. For those of you who are going primarily for the vistas and natural wonders unavailable in your usual locale – this guide is a sure thing. Although it contains plenty of practical advice and tips on restaurants, etc., its real value is in getting you to the scenery that will take your breath away and transform you. We followed their advice and changed our itinerary to spend several days seeing Capital Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Park. Each and every one of their highly recommended activities was just dazzling. The hike to Delicate Arch alone was worth the whole trip. Buy this guide and go! And then save up, because it will make you want to go back again and again!
Richard Scheines
Professor at Carnegie Mellon University,

Dear Dale and Estelle Moritz,
We have just returned from our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. It was a spectacular trip and thanks to the travel tips in your guide we saw things we would have otherwise missed. Planning a trip like this has always been so overwhelming to us because it takes so much time to wade through the travel books and search the web for places to stay, what to see, how to get there. We only had a week to spend and we were having so much trouble narrowing down our trip to what we could realistically see, and figuring out from the huge quantity of information available where it was worth spending our limited time. Your brochure gave specific and practical recommendations from a personal perspective that helped us make the most of our time.
The general advice at the beginning of the guide was very useful too. Our only disappointment was that we didn’t have more time to explore more of the beautiful scenery you describe. We can’t wait for our next trip and will definitely use your experiences and the information in your travel guide to help us plan another adventure.
Robin and Jim Contento

I am so glad that we followed the advice given to us by Dale and Estelle or we would have missed some of the great experiences we had while traveling in New Mexico. For example, because of their travel tips we made sure to stop at Echo Amphitheater. We found ourselves to be almost the only tourists at this beautiful spot; most people must have missed it. Not only were the rock formations impressive but the sounds will also stay in our memory. In the past we had assumed that we could find the best spots ourselves with the aid of traditional travel books. However, they often fail to give the frank opinions necessary to avoid going to destinations that don’t live up to their descriptions. In future travel to the Southwest, we will rely on the advice provided by Dale and Estelle in this web-site. Their advice was clear, straight forward, and we found it to be reliable. It enabled us to spend our precious travel time on the “not to be missed” locations.
Dr. Laura Marshak
Psychologist, Pittsburgh, PA

My wife and I recently visited the Grand Canyon (South Rim), Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Jerome and Phoenix (all in Arizona). We were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to review Dale and Estelle’s opinions on the area. As a result, we were able to condense the huge volume of internet articles and AAA tour book information into a useful package, which we knew was an honest appraisal of available facilities and activities. This allowed us to maximize the amount of time we spent enjoying our vacation rather than planning it on the run. In short, Dale and Estelle’s personal accounts of actual experiences in these areas made for a very interesting read as well as a truly invaluable vacation-planning tool.
Bob Timmerman
Pittsburgh, PA

Estelle’s descriptions were in such detail that I could truly visualize our adventure out West. She offered sights that were definitely “off the beaten path” with information, for example, on exactly which trail to take, when we needed to sign up, what level the hike was, what time of day was best, and what to bring on the trail with us. I would highly recommend her advice.
Dr. Kim Cohen
Atlanta, GA