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AZ 9 on the hike to The WaveCow Pies Trail in Sedona, Arizona was one we loved. Our only regret was that we had too little time here. Cow Pies allows you to really get up close and personal to these red rocks of soaring sandstone. The trail is easy and wide open to views after only a few minutes. Usually piles of rocks mark a trail. Here we had to struggle a bit to find where to go as we saw too few cairns. None the less, we highly recommend to all hikers this perhaps little known place that will awaken your senses once more. Park your car in the first pullout to the right on Schnebly Hill Road. Walk carefully across the road and you will see a tiny sign saying Cow Pies. We wondered how many people even knew about this area. The sign was barely noticeable. We did see a few people including two ladies sitting on a rock having a snack. How we wished we had extra time that day to do the same. Allow time to linger on a rock. Visit Arizona and experience this special short trail in our American southwest.

AZ 30 PF, PD National Park, Blue Mesa courtesy Robert Schoenbeck

AZ 37 Palatki Ruins area, Sedona

AZ 31 PF, PD National Park courtesy Robert Schoenbeck