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The literature that we’ve read designates California’s Highway 1 as a coastal highway. In addition, dots on the California map indicate Highway 1 as a scenic byway. To us, scenic and coastal imply that the road would follow the coast, offering continuous views of the beautiful coastline. Highway 1 was quite different. The vast majority of the drive was not near enough to the coast to see the ocean and shoreline.

After traveling across the state of California for the specific purpose of experiencing coastal Highway 1 we arrived at Jenner, California, with the intention of traveling north. The shoreline view on our approach to Highway 1 at Jenner was indeed impressive and we were excited to continue our journey up the coast.

Unfortunately after a short way the road turned inland and wound through trees and hills with very little view of the ocean. Occasionally there were signs that said ocean access. However, this meant that you had to leave the “coastal” highway and drive down another road to be on the coast.


There are two very special Nevada highlights of unusual natural beauty that are a short drive from Las Vegas.  One is described in the visitor center film… “It’s as if the earth opened up and revealed a small piece of its soul.” To us it looked like bright flames of stone were leaping from the ground. It’s no wonder that one Star Trek movie was filmed here.

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