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Carlsbad, Temple of the Sun in the Big RoomGoing north from Ghost Ranch on 84N you’ll find Echo Amphitheater, a natural sandstone “amphitheater”. During your walk on the short trail toward the theater, do stop for a few moments on a bench at each of the platforms along the path. The benches were placed in these spots for a reason. These vantage points offer great views of huge, golden, crème and light salmon columned rock formations that connect to the theater. The three colors were in three separate layers. Light salmon was the bottom layer and the widest, crème was next and golden was the narrowest layer. The columns were topped with a brown cap. Picnic tables are situated in a setting with a perfect view. It was unfortunate that some tourists we encountered at Ghost Ranch were not even aware of Echo Amphitheater much less how close they were. If you are at Ghost Ranch, without question, drive the short distance to Echo Amphitheater (one of our testimonials mentions how appreciative they were of this tip). Don’t forget to listen for the echoes when you arrive at the amphitheater after the short trail. Vacation New Mexico in the American southwest to see and hear the Echo Amphitheater.

Continue on 84N for about 2 miles past Echo for more views along the road, then turn back unless you are going to Chama.

Ghost Ranch New Mexico

Ghost Ranch

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